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Bringing together the classic and the dynamic, the functional and the exclusive, that is the basic premise behind Largo projects.
With over 30 years of designing, refurnishing and constructing furniture to a wide variety of businesses across the world, Largos' designs stylishly blend your business needs with our creative know how. Furniture that is rich in textures and character. Always creating a warm, welcoming environment, on both the functional and the visual levels.
As we feel it, furniture making is an art, no less then painting or sculpturing, and just like them, it needs to inspire, to excite and to always be 2 steps beyond the merely functional and a few levels beyond the expected.
Since launching out business in 1985 we've had the opportunity to construct almost any kind of furniture the mind can conceive, as we take our customers vision forward to create furniture that catches the eye and inspires the imagination. Our sofas, wardrobes, chests, libraries and bedrooms can be found anywhere from top notch hotels in Spain to restaurants in Germany and high end business locations throughout the U.S. And of course, here in Israel, where our factory is located, turning ideas and concepts into beautifully designed furniture
And with more than 30 years of building furniture with passion and dedication, and a perfect record of on time delivery and dependable and reliable service, we invite you to join our trustworthy family that never stops creating wonderful furniture. Furniture you will surely fall in love with.


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